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AK can help to bring your dreams to life.

AK Co., Ltd. will take your dream and give it form from start to finish. From interior design, custom furniture, lighting design, and ecological coordination to logo and home page construction, we can cover all of your needs. In addition to store design, planning, and construction we offer a host of other services to assist you. For example we can assist with financing, location searches, and menu creation. We also offer support and consulting for rebuilding and reform projects. We offer comprehensive support for those who would like to own a store but don’t know how to start, and for those who are concerned that their sales are not rising.

Store and Industry Production

Managing a store or industry once it is open is not easy. However, we have guided many customers to success. The opening process is enormously important to success. There are many factors to consider, such as location; store design and concept; and menu construction. AK Co., Ltd. will provide support and planning that both takes into account the wishes of the owner and looks at the situation from a potential customer's perspective.

Interior Design

Even after a store has been built; if it doesn't have the proper interior to match the concept then it will all be for naught. Whether your goal is to create something simple, European, stylish, or cute; we will assist the owner in finding the perfect tables, chairs, sofas, and odds-and-ends for the establishment. Not only will we help find the furniture, but we'll help to assemble it.

We’ll also assist with assembly of IKEA furniture and color coordination of blinds, curtains, rugs and fabrics.

Lighting Design

The lighting of a bar or restaurant is extremely important. The amount and the placement of lights inside the restaurant must be carefully considered to enhance the dining experience, and the exterior lighting must serve to draw in customers. We are prepared to offer a number of plans based on the needs of the customer.

Lighting considerations include the chandelier or pendant light that will serve that the focal point of your store; the selection of indirect lighting; and the creation of dark yet safe spaces that add atmosphere to your interior.

Menu Coordination

We offer assistance and support in all aspects of menu creation. From menu creation to business strategy to price selection, we'll help you to build a menu that will have your customers wanting to return again and again. What's more, we can offer advice on product purchasing and smooth and efficient kitchen layouts.

Ecological Coordination

Green is a color that represents relaxation. It is loved by many people for its power to stimulate creativity, calm the nerves, improve the mood, and relieves stress. The addition of even one plant has the power to dramatically change the interior of your store. Adding plants and flowers in front of a store is like putting on a performance for the customer. No matter what your concern, our expert staff will be able to offer helpful advice.

Services include the selection of large, symbolic trees; coordination between lighting and display cases; green walls; and the delivery of seasonal flowers.

Custom Furniture Design

For owners who feel that off-the-shelf furniture isn't sufficient, we offer custom-made furniture. Our expert craftsmen will carefully hand-craft each item.

Services include the installation of cabinets to perfectly match wall size; plans for wall use that fit perfectly with the logo and concept of the store; desks and chairs that suit the interior space; selection and color-coordination of the register area, and more.

PR Tools and Web Design

Even with the perfect store, business will not take off if people don't know about it. We can assist your sales by building your home page and advertising in various forms of media. We can assist with everything from printed material like name cards, menus, and pamphlets to home page creation.